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Come see us in Brooklyn!
click here for more info!!!!



76th and Columbus Avea



Last weekend we had an awesome likeness from the public… In other words… We SOLD OUT!!!!!

so this week besides all the well lived designs we will be mixin’ it up a bit!

You love the links, the clasps an the charms so instead of me making you something, how about you get your butts to THE REAL DESIGNER MARKET on SATURDAY between 11am and 7pm (go on, have ur brunch, bring me a delicious mimosa!) pick ur link, your clasp and ur charms!

Urs only by B5LINENYC | madeinmahattan ONE OF A KIND!

The Real Designer Market 268 Mulberry Street from 11am to 7pm

Come see the brand spanking new cufflinks we have for this week!!!!

76th street and Columbus ave!!!

green flea